I suppose that nearly everyone involved in trading will have heard of Richard Dennis and his Turtles traders. For those who haven’t the story goes like this.

Denis who was a money manager on Wall Street bet that he could train regular people to become successful traders. He placed an advert in the Wall Street Journal, selected his students from the multiple of highly qualified people who applied and taught them his trading method.

The rest as they say is history. Over the years Dennis and his students pulled hundreds of millions out of the market and several of his students have gone on to become very successful money managers in their own right.

You can see more on the Richard Dennis story here.

Exact Trading Automated Turtles

In November 2017 I held a workshop and conference in London at the East India Club. The conference was set up so with regard to the  Exact Trading Automated trading strategies. On that day the Exact Trading “Automated Turtles” were born.

I have taken the same idea as Dennis. We we have a group of sixteen traders all of whom are busy with their own professional careers and have proposed to them various automated trading strategies with which they can create their very own portfolio of strategies. The combined strategies are designed to take money out of the FX markets.

For posterity, here are is a picture of the event itself along with the names of the Turtle traders.

The first automated trading system we launched together was a classic London Breakout.

Benefits of Automated Trading

Look at most of the world’s top traders and you will see that the majority of them have at least some if not all of their trading systems running automatically.

Removing the emotion and stress of trading is key if you are looking to become a successful financial trader. People severely under estimate the cost in terms of poor decisions, that they will incur by trading with old fashioned discretionary trading rules.  Things move on,especially within the trading arena and automated trading is the way to go.

I fully believe that the Exact Trading Automated strategies that I have created will enable regular traders to get involved in the market place in a way which they possibly never thought of. Automation requires thinking out of the box. Using automation severely increases you chances of success and removes the possibility to ‘trash’ your trading via avoidable human errors which could cost your account dearly.


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