Welcome to the Exact Trading Forex Blog. It is with great pleasure that I relaunch my trading blog, which I first started in 2008, which is  now nearly ten years ago.

Here is what  you can expect to read on this blog: everything strategy development, trading methodologies, what works what doesn’t; latest developments within the Forex industry and most of all,  ideas and methods to get people profitable at the expense of the banks.

Forex is a massive industry, with new participants coming to market every day, trading volumes are increasing as the world becomes a smaller and smaller place.

HFT(High Frequency Trading)  firms enter the market and are taking market share from the banks.

Commercial Market Place

Here is an important point about Forex which is nearly always overlooked by all commentators is this: Forex is a commercial market place, most trading activity takes place due to international transactions that take place due to commerce and business

Unlike the stock market where speculation is 100% of the market. FX is only 20% speculative, the result of this, is that prices move differently when compared to stocks. The market is very different and frequently what works in stocks does not work in FX and vice versa. Remember this point, as frequently newbie traders attempt to apply stock trading strategies to FX.

I am always willing to talk FX with any one who wants to exchange ideas or asks questions, I suppose I am an FX junkie of sorts, so if you fancy a chat please shoot me an email at paul @ exacttrading.com

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